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Our Product : Video Storage Solution & Backup/ Failover Solution
Video Storage Solution

Storage and backup had been an essential needs to facilitate a perfect video surveillance solution. There are various of storage solutions that ideally being implemented as the high storage demanding especially by Megapixel IP video in GeoVision Surveillance System:

  • Storage Area Network (SAN) via iSCSI protocol
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS) via SAS stacking connection
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) via TCP/IP network
SAN : Ideal for high-availability storage sharing by a group of DVR / Hybrid DVR / NVR System

DAS : Ideal for high-availability storage and high performance appliance on single DVR/ Hybrid DVR/ NVR

NAS : Ideal for video data backup on local storage of DVR/ Hybrid DVR/ NVR
Backup/ Failover Solution
GV-Recording Server
The GV-Recording Server is a video streaming server designed for large-scale video surveillance deployments. It can receive and record up to 128 channels from various IP video devices. Through an intuitive Web interface, each IP camera can be configured to record video continuously, upon motion detection, upon I/O trigger or according to a schedule.
In addition, it can simultaneously distribute up to 300 channels to its clients which include GV-System (DVR/NVR system), GV-GIS (geographic information system), GV-Control Center (central monitoring system) and Multi View (viewing software). Using the GV-Recording Server, the desired frame rates can be reached while the CPU loading and the bandwidth usage of IP video devices are significantly reduced.

GV-Backup Center
The GV-Backup Center program provides you with a secure and affordable remote backup solution for the GV-Video Server and GV-Compact DVR. The GV-Backup Center can automatically store a copy of recordings and logs to the offsite location. If a disaster strikes where the GV-Video Server or GV-Compact DVR is located, the recording data remain safe in a different location.

GV-Failover Server
GV-Failover Server is a video backup server that records up to 128 IP streams from hosts GV-Systems when any of the following conditions occur: (1) when the host GV-System starts up without monitoring; (2) when file recycling fails; (3) when there is an error in the hard drive; (4) when there is an error with the Failover Plugin program.