The live demonstration shows the actual environment of various sites around the world using GeoVision's Digital Video Surveillance System. To view the live webcam demonstration of various sites, please select the following:








Our Product : TITANUS
TITANUS Pro Embedded NVR/ Hybrid DVR/ DVR System

TITANUS Embedded DVR/ Hybrid DVR/ NVR Pro Server is designed base on Intel embedded platform equipped with Intel® Core™ i3 / Intel® Core™ i5 / Intel® Core™ i7 Processors. TITANUS highly suited to a wide range of digital surveillance applications and easy to be managed at anytime via pre-loaded GeoVision IP Surveillance software which can connect from 4 to 32ch of Megapixels IP Cameras.

TITANUS RAID Embedded NVR/ Hybrid DVR/ DVR System

The TITANUS Embedded DVR/ Hybrid DVR/ NVR RAID Server with redundant power features a powerful data storage capacity with a selection of 24-bay or 16-bay hot-swapppable server racks. Depending on HDD size, the TITANUS embedded Hot Swap DVR / Hybrid DVR / NVR System can store up to 80 Terabytes of video data.

GeoVision Surveillance system empowers the TITANUS embedded DVR / Hybrid DVR / NVR RAID server with maximum of 32 audio and video channels, and a recording rate of up to 800fps. Its networking capability makes remote access and conrol of the system possible. Additionally, its compatibility with other GeoVision accessories can cater to any kind of needs or budgets.