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Our Product : GeoVision
GV Seamless Integration
GV-POS (Point of Sale Solution)

Loss prevention in the retail businesses is concerned with inventory shrinkage and the shortage of currency. Losses related to POS transactions can be a main cause of the shrinkage for the most part. An effective POS-DVR surveillance solution can help employers deal with these situations. The GeoVision POS-DVR surveillance system uses video text overlay technology to provide visual contextual awareness that helps reduce shrinkage and protect asset against business losses. While working in conjunction with GV-Data Capture, the GV-Series surveillance system can turn into a POS/DVR surveillance system, which helps you with tools to remotely monitor cashier area, associate POS transaction data with videos, record videos for retroactive analysis, and even output alarms for emergency events.

GV-Access Control

GeoVision Access Control System offers intelligent networked solution, suitable for both small business and multinationals with facilities around the globe. The comprehensive managing and monitoring software package allows seamless integration with GeoVision DVR and IP products, offering live video and event associated playback to be controlled from single platform.

GV-Web Report

The GV‐Web Report is designed to integrate and analyze the people counting and face counting data from GV‐Systems and GV‐Smart Boxes, as well as object size counting results from GV‐Smart Boxes. Suitable for large‐scale video surveillance deployments, it can receive the data from up to 1000 units of GV‐Systems and GV‐Smart Boxes. Through the Web interface of GV‐Web Report, you can access the reports and graphs of real‐time, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly statistics on people, face and object size counting results. You can also view the live video and the recordings from multiple locations.