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Fight Crime Campaign for Schools

Create A Safe School For Our Children

We take a step towards crime prevention for
schools because we believe that our children deserve
a safe and secure study environment.

About Our Campaign

Our System And Technology

Schools security systems that we installed
are linked with local police department for
instant emergency response.

Megapixels camera are deployed to provide
forensic details of cars and faces.

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Who's With Us

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MALAY MAIL: Education Ministry urges schools in high risk areas to install high-tech CCTV
BERITA HARIAN: Kementerian Pendidikan teliti siasatan mangsa ‘dipaksa minum racun’

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About Our Campaign

Crime or more specifically criminal and violent behaviour has become a major concern in recent years across Malaysia. One of the most popular criminal spots is the school entrance, the high traffic flow right before and after school hours has raised criminals’ interest in hunting their easy target – the students.

Thus, the deterrence and crime prevention are crucial to protect student’s safety from being the next victims. This has been the idea that drives the Fight Crime Campaign for Schools in Malaysia to happen for our younger generations. Our aim is to deploy Megapixel IP Surveillance System for 100 primary schools in Malaysia. With the skill and technology advancement we gained in CCTV Video Surveillance, we believe that:
  • Megapixel video recording will deter criminal acts. "If there is a HD camera capturing your face and every movement clearly, you will give up your evil idea to the spot."
Therefore, we make sure that our cameras are deployed to cover busy areas like main entrance, pick-up and drop-off points.

The eligibility requirements for schools to participate in this campaign include:
  • No existing HD/ Megapixel IP Camera installed at school
  • Crowded and busy traffics at entrance/ drop-off areas
  • High risk, targeted as kidnaping hotspot previously
  • Equipped with internet access (UniFi or Broadband with Public IP) to set up connection with schools and authorized party
Fight Crime Campaign for School in Malaysia is sponsored by Gamma Solution, Intel® and WD.


How Our Deployment Helps the Schools

There are 3 major phases in our deployment:
  1. Tools to Fight Crime - Integrated Megapixel IP Surveillance System
  2. Alert to Enforcement - Send the instant alert to PDRM and school authority upon criminal incident at school
  3. Prevention and Deterrent - Distribute a crime prevention handbook to each student, conduct crime prevention sharing with teachers, parents and students and place a HD CCTV in operation signage at school gate

How Our Deployment Works

How Our Deployment Works

Who’s With Us

Our Main Sponsors:
Intel Corporation Intel® Corporation

Intel® Corporation

As the world leading computer CPU and microchip maker, Intel® invents at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for business and society, and for every person.[1]

Harnessing the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the Internet of Things (IoT), the latest advances in memory and programmable solutions, Intel® is disrupting industries and solving global challenges. Leading on policy, diversity, inclusion, education and sustainability, Intel® creates value for their customer and society.[1]

For decades, keeping an eye on operations has essentially remained the same. But the rapid emergence and accessibility of IP-based, high-definition video cameras has paved the way for next-generation Intel® Digital Security Surveillance (Intel® DSS) systems. What used to require personnel spending hours monitoring and combing over grainy footage from secured closed-circuit cameras can instead be handled by an Intel® DSS system that analyzes thousands of data points per second.[2]

Western Digital Purple Drive WD Purple Drive

WD Purple Drive

As one of the largest data storage drive maker in the world, WD develop, manufacture and provide the data storage devices and solutions that address the needs of the information technology (IT) industry and the infrastructure that enables the proliferation of data in virtually every industry.[3]

WD Purple Surveillance drive was invented specifically for video surveillance system with high-definition CCTV surveillance camera.

Supported by:
Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon
Deputy Minister of Education

Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon, Deputy Minister of Education

2015 – Current Deputy Minister of Education, Malaysia
2014 – Current Senator of Dewan Negara
2014 – Current MCA Overseas Liason Bureau Chairman
2014 – Current MCA Education Consultative Committee Deputy Chairman
2013 – Current MCA Youth National Chief
2013 – Current MCA Youth Selangor State Chief

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM)

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM)

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) is a uniformed federal police force in Malaysia. The force is centralized organization with responsibilities ranging from traffic control to intelligence gathering. The constitution, control , employment, recruitment, fund, discipline, duties and powers of the police force are governed by the Police Act 1967.[5]

Foremost in Maintaining a safe, secure and prosperous Malaysia.[6]

To provide professional and quality services in protecting the country to ensure public safety, security and prosperity.[6]

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